Postcards - metaphorical cards

Author: Natalia Romazanova

Cards based on the fairy tale "About the Dancing Horses and Fairies of Cappadocia" with transformational questions of the day and the text of the magical tale on the reverse side.






The book has a hardcover with gold stamping, thick paper.

Illustrator: breath-taking beautiful pictures by the renowned Odessa artist Saba Kiknavelidze

Pages: 15 cards fully illustrated

Size: 10 x 15 cm

1 euro per postcard or 15 euros for the entire set "Magic tale in postcards" (a set of 15 postcards in a cover).

It's convenient to take with you on the go - in a bag or backpack - and read to children on the move.

Also great for:
  • daily enlightenment,
  • anti-stress therapy,
  • post-traumatic psychological rehabilitation,
  • beginning of magical transformations in life.
From author
In my childhood, we had numerous sets of “Book in Postcards" at home, which were convenient to take with us on train, bus, or plane. That's how the idea of a children's travel kit, "Fairy Tale Postcards," was born in collaboration with the illustator.

When our postcard illustrations were accompanied by seemingly childish "little questions," a set of metaphorical/transformational cards was created.
Each question instantly changes the perspective, magically altering the energy of a "stuck" situation or inquiry.

Psychologists widely employ these cards in therapy for children, teenagers, and adults dealing with PTSD, stress, anxiety, or suicidal thoughts.
Moreover, they travel around the world with children in travel bags and backpacks!
Payment and delivery
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1) PayPal
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4) Card payments from Russia, CIS, Kazakhstan

Delivery in Europe - from 2 days to 2 weeks, 2-7 Euro.
Delivery to CIS countries within 1-4 weeks.
Delivery to other continents is possible upon request.

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