The Tale of the Fairies and Dancing Horses of Cappadocia

Author: Natalia Romazanova

Discover the magic of the enchanted land of Cappadocia with this gorgeous children's book!

Have you ever been in a hot air balloons over Cappadocia?






The book has a hardcover with gold stamping, thick coated paper, and a hand-sewn binding.

Illustrator: breath-taking beautiful pictures by the renowned Odessa artist Saba Kiknavelidze

Pages: 32 pages fully illustrated

Size: 21 x 30 cm

In the magic land of Cappadocia, every night after the sun goes down the fairies gather for their nightly feast.
They call in their minds to the horses who have just fallen asleep after their long, hard day’s work. The horses awake and gallop to The Fairy Valley, unable to resist the call...
What do the fairies of Cappadocia do at night?
How can horses know what's happening 80 miles away from them?
What can threaten sleeping hot air balloons?
What does the most wicked person in town dream about?

The story takes place among the beautiful valleys and ancient cave cities of Cappadocia.

Simply yet magically it tells that invisible good helpers - fairies - are always nearby. And they are always ready to help those who believe in them.

And in our crazy age of well-hidden background anxiety, the book gives both children and adults a sense that "everything is already good, and it will only get better."
The book suggests that the magical country is not somewhere far away, but a real place. You can easily take a flight with your parents and get there. And just as easily, you can invite good magic into your life and create your own magical reality.
How to read the book?
Hold the book in your hands and ask the question "What magic did this wonder bring into our home?"
Enjoy flipping through the pages, admiring the stunning illustrations.
Read the simple yet entirely magical bedtime story to your child.
Get ready for the magical changes in your life and that of your family.
From the Author
This fairy tale was born right in the middle of the Pink Valley in Cappadocia. I unexpectedly told it to my little son, who was tired after a long and exciting day: a sunrise in a hot air balloon, ancient cave cities and churches, long hours in the car among valleys of fantastic beauty.

To this day, I still believe that this magical and kind story was simply gifted to us by the fairies and benevolent spirits of Cappadocia.
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