The Tale of the Fairies and Singing Olive Trees of Corfu

Author: Natalia Romazanova

A fairy tale book about the amazing adventures of curious fairies who had to leave Corfu and travel to different cities around the world. And return hundreds of years later, magically creating a better future for their home island.

What is the mystery of the pink lanterns of Venice?

What do the olive trees sing about in Corfu?

Why did the fairies leave their island hundreds of years ago?






The book has a hardcover with gold stamping, thick coated paper, and a hand-sewn binding.

Illustrator: breath-taking beautiful pictures by the renowned Odessa artist Saba Kiknavelidze

Pages: 44 pages fully illustrated

Size: 21 x 30 cm

This story began more than five hundred years ago, on the Greek island of Corfu. By order of the Venetian rulers who had conquered Corfu, many young olive trees were planted on the island...
The story unfolds on Corfu and then, following the curious fairies, travels to Venice and other European cities.

It tells why in ancient times, invisible kind fairies helped the inhabitants of the chilly winter Venice and why they returned to their home island every spring.

Why they once left the island and settled all over the world.
And also, why after hundreds of years, an invisible force called them back to the island, causing the Wedding Fairy to leave her beloved church in Venice; the Parisian Fairy - a café in Montmartre; and the Musical Fairy of Salzburg - her favorite music school.

The story of one family, some of whose members have unusual abilities, is woven into the island's history.
Following the plot, we discover how magically this will change the entire course of the island's history.
After reading this amazing fairy tale, you will surely find out the mystery of the pink lanterns of Venice and the green olive oil of Corfu!

After reading this amazing fairy tale, you will surely find out the mystery of the pink lanterns of Venice and the green olive oil of Corfu!
How to read the book?
Hold the book in your hands and ask the question "What magic did this wonder bring into our home?"
Enjoy flipping through the pages, admiring the stunning illustrations.
Read the simple yet entirely magical bedtime story to your child.
Get ready for the magical changes in your life and that of your family.
From the Author
On Corfu, we lived in a hidden among old olive trees house of the artist Spiros, a fan of the island and a connoisseur of its history.

It all began with a fragment of a phrase, dropped by Spiros during his narration about events from 500 years ago...

The rest in the fairy tale, as usual, is a gift from the little fairies of the island. Or, perhaps – from kind spirits of the ancient olives trees of Corfu?
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