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If this book is in your hand right now, your life may never be the same again. It doesn’t matter if you believe in fairies or if you’ve ever wondered about them.

It is these tiny creatures who told me this amazing fairy-tale and asked me to send it out into the world.

The special message attached to the fairy tale is the following:

Invisible helpers are always nearby
They are always ready to be with those who believe in them.
Things are good as they are and will be even better.

I wonder what else is possible for you now?
This story was born during our trip to Cappadocia. I unexpectedly told it to my younger son, who was tired from the many adventures of a too-long day.

And then just as suddenly typed it into my phone in the darkness of the plane on our flight back.

From the very beginning, the Tale desired to travel the world and be published in many languages. And it does this wonderful journey surprisingly easy!

Interestingly, many families got inspired and traveled to Cappadocia after reading it.

And it is also interesting that girls and boys of different ages like it.

Now listen:

" In the magic land of Cappadocia, every night after the sun goes down, the fairies gather for their nightly feast. They call in their minds to the horses who have just fallen asleep after their long, hard day’s work. The horses awake and gallop to The Fairy Valley, unable to resist the call.

The fairies settle comfortably on the horses’ backs, who prance and dance with joy. The fairies' favorite things are to dance with horses, eat goodies, and perform their magic..."

About the author

My name is Nataly, I am a Marine Engineer and also an author, translator, mother of two kids, and a native of my favorite city Odessa.

Together with our family, we love traveling and exploring different countries.

We also love interesting and beautiful children’s books.

And from our travels, I bring souvenirs and new magic tales. The tales that are gifted to me by this wonderful planet called Earth.